Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I was sexually abused at Establishment paedophile parties

Peter Hayman, British High Commissioner
in Canada 1970-1974
A victim of the alleged Dolphin Square sex ring claims he witnessed boys as young as eight being forced to perform horrifying sex acts by military figures and politicians.

The man, named only as David, said he was threatened and coerced into having paid sex with a group of influential men during a three month stay in London in 1975, while he was just 20, and while high on drink and drugs.

He claims that he was paid for sex at VIP parties with Conservative politicians and people in the business, legal and military world.

At one such event he claims to have witnessed two brothers - aged between eight and 10 years old - brought out wearing only bathrobes, drugged and forced to sexually assault each other while groups of men looked on and drank.

He told BBC Radio Four's World at One programme of a party near Whitehall or Westminster where those in attendance were celebrating the election of Margaret Thatcher as party leader, and where boys of 15 engaged in sex acts with older men.

He said that during the night he was forced to perform a sex act on two politicians.

He said: 'I was totally humiliated. And from then it started. I was drawn into this web where I was taken to these parties, I would be meeting individuals for sex. Just totally trapped. Then began my descent into drinking, taking drugs. It was just a nightmare.'  (more...)

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