Saturday, May 9, 2015

Games Neocons Play: Pedotourism Obscured Behind 'Terrorism'

This is a laugh, the policies are already in place but MacIntosh had political help to come in and out of the country. Please sling your crap to people that don't know any better. I am the director of the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada and know the FACTS about passport Canada and their policies. -- Dave Martin Director at Sexual Abuse Network of Canada
That is a response from an activist for victims of child sexual abuse to this Global News article:

 The case of Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh raises many unanswered questions and deserves an inquiry into the astounding incompetence and likely corruption of responsible authorities. MacIntosh isn't the only prolific pedophile to have been sheltered by Canada:

Hayman was a Cambridge graduate, an MI6 spy, former director general of British Information Services, MI6's propaganda unit based in New York, and former British High Commissioner to Canada. He was likely a controller for covert propaganda operatives in Canada. And how do British spy controllers keep their assets in line?

It's considerably refined since then, but the core techniques are the same. Known any other Cambridge graduated MI6 propaganda assets?

Coren's account doesn't hint that he fit the profile of a thoroughly groomed British spook.

But, these days Michael has been shouting "Santo Subito!" in the inclusiveness mirror rather much.

I think good fences make good neighbours. And, a certain amount of profiling will help keep your women and children safe.

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