Friday, July 25, 2014

Witness: Joe Boot's rebuttal of Michael Coren over homosexuality remains unanswered

This probably will be the last time that I shall post on the tragedy of Michael Coren pertaining to his dissent against the Catholic Church's teachings on homosexuality. I shall not be party to his tawdry circus, in which, as Freyr pointed out last evening on Vox Cantoris' blog, Coren seems to wish to continue raising the issue of homosexuality as some sort of ongoing headline grabbing stunt.

I can attest to the fact, as a number of persons can, that Vox Cantoris refrained from commenting; hoping - indeed praying - that his then friend, Michael Coren, (who has since cut off and denounced his former friend) would correct himself. The timeline of events, and the reaction of Michael Coren is exactly as outlined by the Vox.

Readers may wish to re-read a number of posts we (Freyr and myself) have written on this entire tragedy. I can only add that Coren's latest outburst in the Catholic Register only further confirms what we have written (c.f The Convenient Catholicism of Michael Coren).

Readers should know that Coren had a serious confrontation on Sun TV with Pastor Joe Boot over homosexuality. Following the incident, Boot wrote an article with some very, very serious questions and implications that Coren has steered clear from.  (more...)

Let's give our loquacious friend a last word:

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