Monday, July 28, 2014

TDSB: It gets,, worse actually

J Wallace, an equity adviser of the TDSB's gender violence prevention office, has a list of recommended books on his website.  These books include cross-dressing and sex-change books geared towards elementary school children.

Now it turns out that J Wallace's spouse, S. Bear Bergman, is crowd-funding to produce more LGBT books for kids.  The page at which people can donate to the project includes a letter directed at "parents, teachers, librarians and caregivers."  The fact that they are hoping teachers will buy this book - and the fact that J Wallace is a TDSB employee - makes it not unlikely that many of these books, if produced, will make their way into elementary school classrooms across Toronto.  In fact, in the fundraising video, Bergman explains his project by saying, "this is a subscription service that'll last a year, and every other month your school, or your house, or your library, or your organization will receive another lesbian or gay or bi or trans or gender-independent-themed picture book delivered right to you."  So it's clear they want these books in schools.

It gets worse.  (more...)

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