Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pennsylvania near top of list for teacher impropriety

Claims of inappropriate relationships, sex abuse and misconduct filed against Pennsylvania school teachers are on track to double in less than a year, state officials say.

Second only to Texas, Pennsylvania and California each logged at least 24 cases of teacher sex crimes this year, according to news reports tracked by Terry Abbott, chairman of Houston-based Drive West Communications.
Nationally, “we've followed 416 (sex abuse) cases just since January,” Abbott said. “It's an enormous problem all across the country, and Pennsylvania's at the top of it. This isn't a list you want to lead.”

State attorneys logged 450 complaints against teachers this year, ranging from benign arguments to criminal allegations. The state Department of Education recorded 482 during 2013.

Of those, about 100 resulted in official action that year, through public reprimand or suspension or revocation of a teacher's license. Allegations ranged from drunken driving and drug possession to prolonged, multi-victim rape.  (more...)

H/T to Education Action Group

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