Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Millionaire tech entrepreneur opens up about 'vicious beatings he suffered at hands of his ex-girlfriend'

A San Francisco tech entrepreneur has opened up about the shocking beatings he allegedly suffered at the hands of his ex-girlfriend in an effort to make the subject of domestic abuse against men less taboo.

Ben Way, 33, claims, in an article published online Tuesday, that he was punched in the jaw, bitten, scratched, stabbed in the foot with a stiletto and struck in the genitals during the attacks.

Some nights, he told MailOnline, he even 'hid the knives' in the apartment the couple shared for fear his partner would take things further.

The British-born dot com millionaire met his younger ex, who MailOnline is not identifying, after he moved to Silicon Valley from the UK three years ago.

The couple were inseparable for about a year, and Way says he is still madly in love the woman who allegedly abused him.

'It was a very loving relationship most of the time, and that is what makes it so difficult,' he told MailOnline.

But he says things started to fall apart a few months back and after he requested some space his girlfriend clung on even more and then 'snapped.'  (more...)

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