Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Audacious Homeschool Teacher Course Released

Throughout history, parents, in most cases, have proven themselves to be the best possible teachers for their children. Until a child's spirit is broken by schooling, their drive to learn is insatiable and most often parents need only provide guidance and access to learning materials to help their children educate themselves. With this precept in mind, the Home Learning Association (HLA) partnered with the Home School Institute to organize and create an instructional “Homeschool Teacher Course” for homeschooling parents. It's a 5-disc DVD set available online for free to HLA members.

This innovative, no-nonsense course contains hundreds of video clips extracted from presentations by some of the world's leading homeschool and education experts as well as other child development professionals. It explores methods of helping children teach themselves and guides parents through the learning process. It offers facts about and support for the homeschooling environment and shows how this environment benefits the children, the parents, and society as a whole.  (more...)

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