Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Taxpayers on hook for CFS agencies’ questionable trips

This photo shows the April 2012 trip to Anaheim, CA
Thousands of dollars spent on trips to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Cancun by government children's service agencies to learn about insurance plans has the Southern Authority and its partner agencies under fire for wasting taxpayers' money.

Documents obtained by the Sun include photos which allegedly show Children and Family Service workers from across Canada attending seminars in these locations. According to a freedom of information request, those workers included employees from the Southern Authority from 2010-12, costing taxpayers $5,300.

The trips are hosted by Life Benefit Solutions, a Winnipeg-based insurance broker.

"We're talking about tax dollars that are meant for helping kids, not for sending bureaucrats on unnecessary trips," said Colin Craig, Prairies director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.  (more...)

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