Saturday, March 17, 2018

La Phalange: The rise of a fascist fight club in Canada

nazi fascism eugenics violence youth sports politics immigration

Quebec City, a UNESCO World Heritage treasure trove, is home to breathtaking landscapes, historical sites, and a wide selection of mouthwatering cuisine. From the Old Capital lined with cobblestone streets to the waterfall on the Route de la Nouvelle-France, the French province is a masterpiece of cultural beauty. It is also home to the country’s first publicly known “identity boxing club” founded by radical far-right movement, Atalante Quebec.

The secret gym is hidden in plain sight, accessible only to the group’s members. Those who step through its doors are greeted by the framed pictures of Friedrich Nietzsche, Julius Evola, and Dominique Venner — 19th and 20th century scholars now embraced by the far-right nationalists. The gym’s logo, a colosseum with protruding spears, was emblazoned on the opposite wall with the words La Phalange - Club De Boxe Identitaire (The Boxing Identity Club).

The gym was founded in June 2017, when Atalante Quebec gave a candid interview to a Serbian online media outlet announcing plans to start a “boxing identity club” for its members in Quebec City. The announcement caught the attention of French-Canadian media outlets, who raised concerns about the organization’s lack of transparency, and its newfound potential for spreading hateful ideologies while also training groups of young ultra-nationalists for violent combat.  (more...)


nazi fascism eugenics violence youth sports politics immigration

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