Monday, April 4, 2016

Scranton Priest Suspended Amid Child Abuse Allegations

SCRANTON, Pa. ( - The Diocese of Scranton is suspending a longtime priest immediately after allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor surfaced late Friday night.

A diocesan statement released Sunday confirmed that Rev. Martin M. Boylan is the accused priest.

According to the statement, the accuser, now an adult, was a minor when the alleged abuse occurred. The name of the accuser has not been released, nor was it made clear when the alleged abuse took place.

The diocese, as per the statement, noted, "In response to the allegation, the diocese of Scranton immediately notified the Wayne County District Attorney's Office, the county where the abuse is reported to have taken place."

Since his ordination in 1980, Fr. Boylan has served in several parishes throughout the diocese, many of which are located in Wayne County. Boylan is currently the pastor of St. Patrick Parish in Scranton. He's also the current Episcopal Vicar for the clergy of the northern pastoral region of the diocese.  (more...)

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