Friday, April 1, 2016

Black Lives Matter stage vigil outside Premier Inclusivity's home

Not Kathleen's kind of  "equality"?
Members of the Black Lives Matter movement in Toronto organized a demonstration outside Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s home on Thursday night, prompting huge police presence in the neighbourhood.

Police were called to Wynne’s home in north Toronto on Friday after several items were discarded on her front lawn, a police source told CP24. The items included flowers and a small tent.

Black Lives Matter Toronto released a statement confirming their presence outside Wynne’s home. The statement said that members of the movement left a wreath and a photo of Andrew Loku, the South Sudanese migrant who was shot dead by a Toronto police officer in July 2015, as part of their on-going demonstrations.

The release said that Premier Wynne has “ignored” the incident and ultimately the black community.

“The decision makers to whom we have submitted our demands to, including Kathleen Wynne, continue to ignore the Black community and thousands of people who support us,” movement co-founder Sandy Hudson said in the release. “So we have no choice but to bring our actions to them. Eleven straight days of protest and our Premier has said nothing. That is a shame.”  (more...)

More coverage:

Police really know how to go way over the top. BLM protest at premiers home goes unnoticed but prompts outrageous police response the next day.
Posted by Centre for Police Accountability on Friday, April 1, 2016

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