Wednesday, July 31, 2013

From Rio de Janeiro to Rome, from Poetry to Prose

ROME, July 31, 2013 – Wisely, Pope Francis put off until the end of the voyage, on the return flight from Rio de Janeiro to Rome, the question-and-answer session with the journalists traveling with him.

If he had done this on the flight of departure, topics like the lobbies, gays, the divorced, the curia, the IOR would have inevitably monopolized the attention of the media. Who instead, as soon as they landed in Rio, were able to dedicate themselves first of all to the pope's vehicle, which ended up by mistake in a traffic jam and assailed by admirers, who were even able to lean inside the cabin of the vehicle, with the window fearlessly rolled down.

From that first day on, the accounts of the voyage in Brazil of pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio were an uninterrupted crescendo of successes, culminating in the record-setting event of the vigil and Mass on the beach of Copacabana.  (more...)

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