Friday, August 25, 2017

Neo-Nazis, white supremacists rise in the age of Trump

Kaniz Fatima said she felt a responsibility to talk against racism and Islamophobia.
As video of a Manitoba man berating a Calgary woman with racist and hateful language while she and her family visited Manitoba earlier this summer continues to garner national attention, a Toronto-based author who has spent more than 30 years following the far-right in Canada says the incident reflects a trend he's seen growing across North America since the U.S. election.

Warren Kinsella, who has written several books on Canada's alt-right, says U.S. President Donald Trump's election last November has emboldened neo-Nazis and white supremacists on both sides of the border, and has led to a rise in the sort of incident caught on tape in Manitoba last month.

Kaniz Fatima and her family travelled to Manitoba in early July and were driving about 100 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg when they got lost and stopped in a parking lot near Seven Sisters Dam to ask a stranger for directions.

In an exchange that was caught on video, the man she approached, who described himself as a "Nazi," told Fatima to take her "head towel off" because it "supports Muslims" and told her to "go back to your country."

Fatima posted a video of the encounter on social media this week.

Kinsella spoke about the issue with CBC host Marcy Markusa on Information Radio on Friday.  (more...)


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