Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Canadians, of all political stripes, are not any less racist than their American neighbours

Remember the Blue Book?
Pop quiz time.
  1. At an election rally, Ku Klux Klan member J.F. Bryant is joined onstage by a confident young lawyer, who rails against those who speak other languages. Who was the young lawyer?
  2. A politician travels abroad to meet a murderous, anti-Semitic fascist boss. The politician rhapsodizes about the fascist leader, calling him “eminently wise,” a “mystic,” and “deliverer of his people from tyranny.” Who were they?
  3. A leading, prominent member of the clergy – one called “the spiritual father of a modern nation,” who was subsequently beloved by politicians of all stripes – writes that Jews are “traitors in our midst,” that his people are the true “chosen,” and that blacks, indigenous people and other minorities are “inferior elements” and “cancerous growths.” Who was the clergyman? Who were his powerful admirers?
  4. A writer of many acclaimed books gives a sold-out speech at the most exclusive hotel in the land. Security at his event is provided by neo-Nazi skinheads. And he tells his audience, which includes local school trustees, that he is a “hardcore disbeliever” in the gas chambers at Auschwitz that killed 1.1 million Jews, Roma, Poles, dissidents and gays. Who was the writer? Where did he give his speech?  (more...)

Kinsella's dog in this fight:

The American bar against which Canadians are being measured:

Altogether, let's sing:

Kinsella's still Catholic. Coren isn't. And, prolifers are furiously updating their speakers lists:

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