Monday, April 3, 2017

Religious Right's Hair on Fire? It's time for all faiths to publicly support Muslim Canadians

We believe ourselves as Canadians to be different, better than our American cousins. Today, even more so, given the racist and xenophobic machinations erupting from the White House and beyond.

After all, wasn’t it Canada that warmly embraced 30,000 Syrian refugees when others were looking for ways to deny them entry to their countries? Wasn’t it Canadian political leadership that spoke out strongly against all forms of racial and religious discrimination at a time when the United States talked of building walls to keep out Mexicans and proposing policy to virtually ban Muslim refugees and immigrants? And wasn’t it Canadian Mounties who appeared to rescue and welcome fearful Muslim refugees fleeing from of all places the USA?

However, let’s not be too smug. Canada and some loud, bigoted and hateful Canadians have engaged in some of the most vituperative, hateful and disgusting forms of Islamophobia over the last six months that has rocked me to my very core.

It was only eight short weeks ago, that an Islamophobe sauntered into a mosque in Quebec City and with both casualness and purpose shot to death six Muslim Canadians at prayer while wounding five others. In the aftermath of the terror much comfort was said and done but today this horrible massacre may as well have occurred decades ago.

It was only two weeks after the Quebec City shootings that hundreds rallied under the banner of “Rebel Media” Canada’s offensive Breitbart North at an evangelical church to ostensibly decry the rise of Islam in Canada. Referred to as a “Freedom Rally” seemingly objecting to Motion 103 (a parliamentary motion condemning Islamophobia and all forms of racial and religious discrimination now passed in House of Commons) as an attack on free speech.

With large pickets proclaiming “Say No to Islam” and poisonous rhetoric exclaiming “Islam is Evil” and “Mohammed was a pedophile,” it was more a vile Islamophobic mob rant.  (more...)

The closet Nazis have wrapped conservatives around an axle. Francis won't declare a crusade against the heathens, but don't worry. Evangelicals and their shills in the Catholic Church will tell him whatfor. Never mind the sex-ed issue. Who needs family-friendly Muslim parents well-placed to kick out Kathleen Wynne from her riding? Eugenics trumps morality. The Muzzies are expendable. Gotta save the Aryan race.

Final thought: Are the Muslims more heretical than the Evangelicals? Than Rick Warren? Hard to tell.


  1. It is simply astounding that any Western Christian would say the things you just said. You are either not aware of history or you have a colossal nihilistic streak. Perhaps you are out of touch with reality or, so depressed you just don't care about your culture, life, or the lives of your loved ones. It is in my opinion, diabolical madness, a spiritual darkening, that must be causing citizens of the West to do such "virtue signaling". You have bought into the lie that above all other virtues, political correctness is King, and to that king, you must pay public tribute. Just today, in St. Petersburg, there was what will surely turn out to be just another deadly attack. Ten human beings, were blown to pieces, blood, guts, brains, and ten families are in mourning, children and grandparents and spouses. Many are injured, probably having lost eyes and arms, limbs. But people like you, don't see it, can't feel it, it hasn't happened to you or anybody you personally know, so, it didn't happen.
    There is some cognitive disconnect that is like a cancer in the West. It has created a loss of ability to use reason and logic to arrive at logical conclusions, and do the bare minimum to try to keep one's culture or civilization alive. People like you, are willing to die, in order that others may live. But it is not courage that motivates you, it is sheer denial that this is exactly the case.
    But it is. Look at simple demographics and remember, when the Muslim population hits a certain point, in come the radical imams from the Middle East, and the men start sporting beards and the women, burkas.
    What will you do when you are a second class citizen in Canada, and your choices are thus:
    1. Convert
    2. Pay the tax required of second class non-Muslims
    3. die

    How dare you call millions of Americans xenophobic because they experienced 9/11 or Boston or countless others and said, this we must try to stop. What you are saying is nonsensical.

    1. One might note that the destruction of our civilization has been a team effort, going all the way back to Martin Luther and the Ottoman Empire. Ted Shobat explains it all here:

      The Rebel Media milieu is just the latest canoe of fools to paddle down this creek. The lemming path is well worn.

    2. It surely is John, and if it just affected these who cannot see beyond the end of their nose that would be one thing, but this is something they bring down on all our heads. No, this we cannot really abide. People who have such self-destructive tendencies should consider moving to the Middle East and living there, if they believe the culture to be a utopia in which they would like to play a part. But they do not have the right to bring the foreign culture here, to eventually replace our culture. This, they do not have the right to do, and surely not while patting themselves on the back, unimpeded.

  2. Excellent post. These "defenders of civilization" would not be recognized by the Church in saner times. One has to smile how these "con"servatives are silent on the ADL, AIPAC and other Jewish terrorist organizations that hold the West by the throat. These "con"-servativesare also silent on the Talmudic influence on the Koran. The Rebel Media is not re-building Christian civilization. It is fundamentally Masonic, liberal in its ideology. The problem is not Mohommedans it is us.

  3. You really need to watch this YouTube video by Dennis Prager. He can't believe there's even a debate about which is the greater threat to peace, Hamas or Israel? I'm with Prager.
    It's only 12 minutes of your time:

    1. The Middle East conflict is very tragic, but has no bearing on Canada's policy on minorities. Mr. Prager's analogy is rather poor. The British Royal family had many relations who were members of the Nazi party, both in Germany and in Britain. Some say they were traitors.