Friday, April 14, 2017

Anxiety intensifies in Toronto's suburbs as anti-Muslim rhetoric escalates

A protester of religious accommodations in Peel Region schools who was barred
entry to the Peel District School Board meeting April 12 in Mississauga, shouts
at a group called Brampton Against Fascism.
Hamza Aziz makes sure to stay close to a friend at all times, and his parents have told him not to be outside after dark – precautions the student never imagined would be needed in his quiet corner of suburban Toronto.

But recent tensions between his school board and some members of the community, including anti-Muslim groups, over providing space for Mr. Aziz and other students to pray as a group every Friday have heightened concerns about safety in the Peel region, just west of Toronto.

“[My parents] are afraid of hate crimes towards the Muslim community, especially since that’s been on the rise lately,” said Mr. Aziz, a high-school student in Mississauga.

That anxiety forced the Peel District School Board to step up security measures at its most recent board meeting on Wednesday evening. Police and security guards were present, guests had to sign in and show identification at the door and the meeting was videotaped. Outside, a group who covered their faces with bandanas to prevent nearby protesters from identifying them said they were there to escort people into the board office safely.  (more...)

This is an issue of concern to Catholics, who could end up being persecuted by both sides. Here, the Communists are taking the moral high ground:

Catholics must NOT be human shields for fascists, or we will become accomplices in their outrages.



  1. Are you kidding? Have you already forgotten the scores of Copts that were blown to pieces just days ago in Egypt? How about concentrating on that demonic attack, or the genocide that is going on all over the Middle East?
    Virtue signaling is repugnant, and trying to take some kind of "moral high ground" at this time is idiotic, in light of the actual attacks and bloodshed that surrounds actual Christians in many places. You are apparently living in a dream world. You might want to wake up and realize where we are.

    1. Kathleen1031: You still haven't enlightened me on why you prefer one heresy over another. They both lead to hell. My own observation is that Muslim make better converts than Protestants. How does Michael Coren compare with people like the Shoebats? Go to their website and see if you can still maintain your Muslim-hatred. Here's a recent article that might begin to open your eyes:

      Major National Socialist Website Now Openly Promotes “White Sharia”- We Warned You This Was Coming