Monday, January 30, 2017

How does someone remain a school board trustee after calling a mother the 'N-word'?

How can a trustee who reportedly called a black mother the N-word still have the moral authority to advocate for quality education and properly communicate with the public?

Nancy Elgie, a trustee with the York Region District School Board (YRDSB), used the racial slur toward Charline Grant, a black mother with a son in the YRDSB, during a public meeting back in November. Elgie has recently apologized, a gesture for which the mother of three says she is thankful, but Grant maintains that an apology does nothing to address the issue of systemic racism in schools.

Now Elgie is back in headlines after failing to attend a board meeting in which dozens of parents presented a petition calling for her resignation. Instead, the trustee sent in a letter calling what she did "plainly unacceptable."

To some, Elgie's ownership of what she did should exonerate her of further scorn. She is, according to the portraits painted of her in various media, an 82-year-old widow. The incident, as several papers noted, was preceded by a head injury sustained only a few months earlier. And she does not, according to her son, "have a single racist bone in her body."  (more...)


I'll be fine with a little help from my (Nazi) friends

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