Friday, April 1, 2016

Stuckless victims lash out

He can’t drive past the Bloor viaduct without seeing Martin Kruze’s sad expression.

“Every time I get off the Don Valley Parkway or get onto Bloor St. and see the netting on the overpass, I think of Martin and the lost look on his face,” the 54-year-old man said of Kruze, a Gordon Stuckless victim who blew the whistle on the Maple Leaf Gardens sex predator before jumping to his death in 1997.

“Stuckless is a monster. (If someone stopped Stuckless earlier) maybe Martin might be alive today,” said the angry man, who was also sexually abused by Stuckless as a child.

The Maple Leaf Gardens employee was his assistant coach and used his access to the hockey shrine to exploit the vulnerable 11-year-old’s love of the game so he could abuse him.  (more...)

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  1. This pervert will get max. 12 yrs for molesting 18 boys on 100 plus charges. Out on parole after a 1/3 time, that works out to about 2 and one-half months per boy. The drunk-driver killer likewise will be out in just over 3 yrs having murdered 4 people. Yet, Linda Gibbons and Mary will be crucified for peaceful protest. If Mary is released in late April, as is hoped, she will have been inside for over 4 months (having formally received a 6 month sentence). Obviously opposing abortion is considered a far, far greater crime than murder or molestation.