Saturday, March 12, 2016

Physicians, Heal Thyselves: Hypocrisy and the Trump Campaign

Much press ink and broadcast time have been devoted to decrying the Presidential campaign of Donald Trump. Wringing their hands over the substantively accurate view that Trump is a fascist and his candidacy is a major turn toward the Dark Side, the institutions and the individuals decrying the Trump phenomenon are hypocritical. Far from being an aberration, Trump’s candidacy is a direct outgrowth of powerful forces that have been at work for the better part of a century and that are the embodiment of fundamental elements of American and Western society.

The program begins with two op-ed columns from The New York Times. Timothy Egan highlights the awareness on the part of Trump supporters that race hatred, support for slavery and the neo-Confederate movement, xenophobia and reaction are the substance of what he is about and what they want. Egan notes, correctly, that “beast is us.”  Richard Cohen sets forth the apprehension that Europeans feel about the Trump candidacy, underscoring their experience with the descent of a society into fascism.

Europeans are consummately hypocritical in their condemnation of Trump, although the insights that Cohen has noted are accurate. They are hardly in a position to look down on Trump – European politics are experiencing the same “Perfect Sturm.” Not only are fascist parties riding a crest of popularity in Europe over the “anti-immigrant” gambit, but fascism was never expunged from Europe, due to Cold War politics which will be highlighted below. We note that Slovakia is among the countries witnessing the ascent of fascist parties.

The “Troika” (read “Germany”) mandated the installation of the fascist LAOS Party as part of the provisional Greek government in the late fall of 2011. The Greek citizenry had NO say in this, whatsoever.

Perhaps even more hypocritical than Europe’s bemoaning of the “Trumpfverbande” is the so-called “progressive sector” in the U.S., whose misty-eyed embrace of Snowden, Greenwald, Assange et al constitutes an alignment with PRECISELY the same political forces that are embodied in the Trump candidacy.  (more...)


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