Saturday, January 9, 2016

Mind Control and MK Ultra in Canada

Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron
This is intended as an introduction into the subject of Canadian Mind Control, for those people who know little about it, and to provide links to areas where they can research more. I have only learnt about it in the last few days, and there may be much missed out.

Perhaps the most famous case of mind control in Canada is that perpetrated by Scottish Dr Donald Ewen Cameron at the Allan Memorial Institute, Montreal, funded in 1957 by the CIA as MKULTRA Subproject 68, and the Institute was part of the McGill University. The Canadian Government also funded the experiments, a few years later.

Wikipedia lists MKULTRA Subproject 68 as “one of Cameron’s ongoing attempts to establish lasting effects in a patient’s behaviour” using a combination of particularly intensive electroshock, intensive repetition of prearranged verbal signals, partial sensory isolation, and repression of the driving period carried out by inducing continuous sleep for seven to ten days at the end of the treatment period.

This was made famous by the 1997 film, The Sleep Room.

Cameron was born at Bridge of Allan, Scotland in 1901, and qualified in medicine at Glasgow University and began his psychiatry training at Glasgow Royal Mental Hospital. He moved to US, Switzerland and Canada and became first President of World Psychiatric Association amongst other prestigious titles.

The fact that some people died as a result of Camerons research, while others went insane and still others, including the wife of a member of Canada’s Parliament, had psychological problems for many years afterwards, was not a concern to the doctor or those who employed him.  (more...)

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