Wednesday, January 6, 2016

False, Substitute Catholicism

"The Church in America — and much of the West — is controlled by a homosexual collective and its gay-friendly allies in the ranks of bishops and priests, as well as various laity."

Who might these "allies" be? The usual suspects? Feminists? Libertarians? Cultural Marxists? Certainly.

Consider however, that among the secular power elite, the ruling class maintains control over its membership by collecting dossiers of egregious sexual behaviour by its candidates that can be used to blackmail and coerce conformance to the oligarchic agenda. The party whip has his little black book. The security cult has its closeted skeletons. Is the church tax the sole means used to force clergymen to bow before the political powers?

What do you think went on in Nazi Germany?

Or, think about the FemiNazis and their homo-lapdogs that have colonized AmChurch:

Ve haff vays to make you!

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