Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Historical background to the political forces in the Ukrainian Coup

The role of the OUN/B in the Republican Ethnic Outreach organization. The latter was an outgrowth of an illegal covert operation in the U.S. called the Crusade for Freedom.

Conceived by Allen Dulles, the CFF was overseen by Richard Nixon. Its chief spokesperson was Ronald Rea­gan. The State Department official responsible for bringing "fascist freedom fighters" like the OUN/B into the United States was William Casey (Ronald Reagan's campaign manager in the 1980 Presidential race and later Reagan's CIA director.) The Nazi wing of the GOP was installed as a permanent branch of the Republican Part when George H.W. Bush was the head of the Republican National Committee.

The OUN/B was a key element of the GOP's ethnic outreach organization. It is noteworthy that the organizations that were represented in the GOP subgroup were all affiliated with the SS during World War II. Prior to the commencement of hostilities, the SS formed effective liaison with the Hungarian Arrow Cross, the Rumanian Iron Guard, the Bulgarian National Front and the OUN/B, among other organizations. This relationship was cemented and strengthened during the war and remained operational when these elements jumped to U.S. intelligence and, through that relationship, to the Republican Party.


Heinrich Himmler inspecting troops of the 14th Waffen SS Division (Galicia)

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