Saturday, August 8, 2015

Frank: Baird rumours choked off?

I can't breath!
Behind the obligatory festival of media wind therapy for John Baird (loyal soldier...nuanced statesman...not such a partisan gasbag once you get to know him, etc. etc.), it seems some hacks are desperate to tie the foreign minister's abrupt withdrawal from public life to some dark, hanky-spanky secret -- at least if gay muckraker Matthew Hays is to be believed.

"Today, five reporters contacted me from news agencies with private messages (agencies included Star, Globe, Nat Post and Ceeb)," the Concordia film prof and freelance typist posted on his Facebook page, Feb 3.

"Question included: 'Does the [resigning minister] engage in rough sex?' 'Have you heard any stories of asphyxiation?' 'Have you heard cases of sexual harassment of young men?' 'What have you heard about the London parties?' 'Do you know if he engaged in asphyxiation during sex?'  (more...)


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