Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sir Peter Hayman, the Diddling Diplomat

How discomfiting to see the late Sir Peter Hayman, British High Commissioner to Canada from 1970-1974 and a deputy director of MI-6, implicated in the ever-darkening Operation Fairbank investigation in the UK.

Scotland Yard has been investigating a purported ring of politically-connected pedophiles, who sexually abused an unknown number of boys in the 70s and 80s during bacchanals at Dolphin Square, a luxury apartment building conveniently located near Westminster.

The probe into the decades-old sex crimes is now also a murder investigation, as one of the alleged victimes, a man publicly identified only as 'Nick' says he witnessed a Tory MP strangle a boy at one of the shindigs, that another of the kids was run down by his abuser's car, and a third murdered in the presence of a cabinet minister.

Nick was also the one who named Sir Peter as a member of the ring and one of his abusers.  (more...)


Boys... I like boys!

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