Friday, April 10, 2015

Sicko: Teacher admits filming teen girls with spy pen

LONDON, Ont. — Each video was short in duration, but the subject matter seemed the same — the camera, hidden in a pen, focused on the breasts of young women, all of them clothed.

The camera operator was a London high school teacher caught red-handed by his principal.

Ryan Jarvis, 39, admits he made the videos, but has pleaded not guilty to one count of voyeurism.

The case comes down to this — whether high school students have a reasonable expectation of privacy at school and whether the videos are sexual in nature.

According to the agreed facts read Thursday to Justice Andrew Goodman by assistant Crown attorney Joe Perfetto, Jarvis filmed 27 female students and one teacher with a pen camera in June 2011.  (more...)

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  1. Maybe he was taking notes from Premier Wynne's new sex education program? Just kidding.