Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Vice shines light on bestiality in Denmark

“In Denmark, zoophilia is legal. In Denmark, everything is legal.” A new video report from Vice examines bestiality in Denmark by speaking with zoophiles who defend their actions and activists trying to ban the practice.

Denmark's controversial stance on bestiality is the focus of a new short film from Vice.

Bestiality is legal in Denmark and after neighbours Sweden and Germany both recently outlawed the practice, Denmark is rumoured to have a burgeoning animal sex tourism industry. That brought the Vice team to both Denmark and Germany for a film entitled Animal F*ckers.

In it, they speak with both zoophiles who argue that they are not harming animals and animal rights activist who want to see the practice banned in Denmark. The film crew follows a group of activists as they attempt to deliver a petition containing 162,000 signatures supporting a bestiality ban to the food and agriculture minister, Dan Jørgensen. The minister, however, is not present to meet with the activists as planned.   (more...)

After much head-scratching to the north:

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