Friday, May 6, 2016

Vasaline: The French Revolution and Napolean a Swedish Hoax?

You won't believe what got me into this. Well, those of you who know I am an artist, and who know I look closely at photographs, might believe it. It was this photo of Karl Marx:

Notice his hand. He is doing the Napoleon thing there, isn't he? Why? Well, we know Marx was Jewish. Might this be some sort of signal? He is keeping something “close to the vest” there. Might it be the same thing Napoleon is keeping close to his vest?

Before you dismiss this as ridiculous, you should know that many famous people have thought Napoleon is Jewish. So I am not the first to suggest it. Benjamin Disraeli, the only Jewish Prime Minister of England, implied Napoleon was Jewish. Disraeli wrote fiction, and in his book Tancred, (published in 1847—note the date), he said through his narrator Sidonia that crypto-Jews were everywhere in positions of power, as generals, academics and statesmen. He said that not only was Napoleon a Jew, but that Mozart, Beethoven, and Haydn were Jewish also. As a Jew, Disraeli would know.  (more...)


Those delusional Swedes

Where freemasons have erased your history, you have to roll your own.

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