Friday, May 6, 2016

Canadian Congregation of Nuns Funding, Promoting LGBT Activism

The Congregation of Notre Dame was founded in 1653 by a French saint named Marguerite Bourgeoys.  The would-be-Saint  hoped to help build the colony of Ville-Marie (now Montreal). She dreamed of educating the women and children of New France and after many hardships she founded the Congregation of Notre Dame (CND) to do just that. In present day, the CND now boasts approximately 150 members and a storied history of more than 300 years of commendable service to the Church.

Unfortunately, in recent years, CND has dramatically deviated from its work of faithful service to the Church.  A careful examination of its website, twitter feeds, and the public statements of its sisters reveals that CND is not only promoting homosexuality, but funding pro-homosexual organizations.  (more...)

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