Sunday, March 6, 2016

Psychological Warfare and Media

The study of conspiracy leads directly to the study of covert operations and intelligence agencies. As one reads about the plots and intrigues of secret societies, one is quickly led to the topic of intelligence due to the fact that both have one central aspect in common—knowledge of secrets. Combined with this is the ability to hide that knowledge and rule men accordingly, and if you don’t think the modern world is run by the military industrial intelligence complex, you know nothing of the world. The result of this knowledge and secrecy is a modicum of power.

The use of this type of power is thus utilized by governments in the form of psychological warfare. In older manuals around the time of World War II, the assumption is that psychological warfare is the use and application of “propaganda against an enemy, together with such other operational measures of military, economic, or political nature as may be required to supplement propaganda.” In our day, these principles, borrowed from psychology, are combined with scientific precision and notions from Edward Bernays’ theories of mass advertising, as well as mass media studies and social engineering, and has resulted in a world wherein we are daily adrift in a sea of psychological warfare. The privatization of intelligence is thus connected with the private, corporate control of entities like the mainstream media and film, as well as a heavy dose of privatized influence and control of government from behind the scenes. By this I mean that Lockheed-Martin, for example, can have a much greater influence over governmental policy and regulations than a senator.  (more...)

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