Sunday, December 6, 2015

Freemasonry, 10 Duke Street and MI6

Freemasonry has often been linked to child sexual abuse in North Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Leicestershire, GCHQ, and elsewhere as well as with ritual abuse.There has been no systematic investigation of child sexual abuse and freemasonry. The data should be collated and become a stream for the IICSA Goddard Inquiry.

Many people have heard about the first three masonic degrees or Craft freemasonry which in England is controlled by the United Grand Lodge or Grand Chapter both at Freemasons Hall at Great Queen Street

However the higher degrees of Masonry, above Master Mason or the third degree, are run by the Supreme Council whose offices are at 10 Duke Street. On, or just off Duke Street are Mason’s Yard, the Chequers pub and the famous Fortnum and Mason’s.  (more...)

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