Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Time to Get Out of the Coalition?

MP Kellie Leitch, MPP Lisa MacLeod, and Tory leader Patrick Brown
march in Toronto's Pride parade.
OTTAWA, September 1 (LifeSiteNews) – Ontario Tory MPP Lisa MacLeod has come out as a strong defender of LGBTory, an emergent group within the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, stating as her reason that Conservatives stand for “equal rights.”

The MPP for Nepean-Carleton, who marched in the Ottawa Capital Pride Parade last month, stated in an op-ed in the Ottawa Citizen, “It should come as no surprise that any conservative prepared to stand up for the rule of law should also support the equality of all under it.”

“Someone needs to give a voice to the majority of conservatives who believe in equal rights,” MacLeod stated in her op-ed, “and who would rather spend their time talking about fixing things like the economy, health care and education as opposed to rolling back a marriage law passed a decade ago.”  (more...)

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