Friday, January 30, 2015

Pedophilia and the American Future

Jeffrey Epstein is back in the news at last. Epstein is a Florida-based hedge-fund manager who, having raked in billions, used his money and his organizational skills to set up an international pedophile network, shipping young girls by private plane to interested parties across the planet. The physically repulsive Epstein (he looks like a Satanic Fred Gwynne) got away with this for years thanks to his money and his social and political connections.

Implicated in his crimes is no less than Prince Andrew, the ne’er-do-well hustler scion of the British Royal house. Also involved is another member of the transatlantic social elite, Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s “companion” and daughter of press magnate Robert Maxwell, who allegedly acted as a procuress, selecting and grooming young girls for use by the network. It can be presumed that a large number of other notables were also involved.

Justice finally caught up with Epstein -- in a way -- when he was busted by the FBI in 2008. Evidence was irrefutable, but on finding Epstein guilty, an understanding judge worked out an 18-month sentence with attorney Alan Dershowitz -- Epstein served 13 -- and then with only nights spent in jail. He was free to roam during the day. (Dershowitz is now accused of sharing Epstein’s sexual activities. This is hard to evaluate -- it’s difficult to believe the canny Dershowitz would be so foolish. Another one of Epstein’s defenders was Kenneth Starr, once a moral arbiter but who has now clearly lost his bearings.)  (more...)

A little honesty and balance from the American right. Now, we need to expose the use of pedophilia in the political class for blackmail and disposal of undesirables.

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