Wednesday, October 29, 2014

‘Gender ideology’ is an ‘inhuman revolution’: Croatian bishops

The ultimate expression of the 20th century’s Sexual Revolution, gender ideology, is an attempt to install an “inhuman revolution,” that is “a wider expression of the ‘Culture of Death,’” the Catholic bishops of Croatia said in a statement last week. The gender revolution, they said, will “completely alter not only the foundations of community life and its supporting values, but also of man.”

The 49th Plenary Session of the Croatian Conference of Bishops called upon Catholics and “all persons of good will” to resist this “danger that threatens man and his future on earth.”

“Together with some other contemporary worldview trends, gender ideology has become established as a kind of spiritual dictatorship that uncompromisingly stifles personal and social freedom,” the statement said. “Thus is the anthropological revolution imposed ‘from the top down,’ expanding from various centers of power and seeking to draw all mankind.”  (more...)

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