Friday, October 31, 2014

Gay activist admits to eight ‘mercy’ killings in 1980s, activist calls for investigation

Veteran gay activist David Mixner
Veteran gay activist David Mixner, 68, admitted Monday that the devastation of HIV/AIDS on seven friends and a lover in the 1980s drove him to murder them out of “mercy.” The revelation has a prominent anti-euthanasia activist calling for a criminal investigation.

In a biographical stage show performed in front of influential politicians and gay rights activists sponsored by the Point Foundation, Mixner -- who has been on the forefront of the gay rights movement for four decades -- admitted that he killed the eight people in the 1980s. All of the people, according to Mixner, were in the final stages of HIV/AIDS.

One of the eight was Peter Scott, with whom Mixner had a 12-year relationship. According to The Daily Beast's Tim Teeman, who interviewed the activist after the show, Scott asked Mixner to help him die.

Teeman says that Mixner was part of "an underground euthanasia network" that included medical professionals. They are "all gone," according to Mixner, and as for prosecution against himself, he thinks that is "unlikely."  (more...)

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