Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Russia proposes to expand law to ban propaganda of all sex to minors

MOSCOW, January 28, 2014 ( – The Russian government has outflanked opponents from the homosexualist lobby furious over the prohibition on promoting the “gay lifestyle” by proposing to expand the law to include promotion to children of any sexual activity outside natural marriage. The existing law makes it a crime to promote “non-traditional” homosexual relations to children and young people under 18.

Changes to the law, submitted in the Duma on Friday, propose to remove the term “non-traditional” sexual activity, and change the wording to a prohibition on propagandizing of any sexual relations among under-aged children and of the idea of a “priority of sexual relations” on children’s minds, Itar-Tass reported Sunday.

The bill cites the increase in sexual activity among teens as well as the need to protect children from information “damaging to the values of family life, the spiritual and intellectual development of minors.”  (more...)

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