Wednesday, January 29, 2014

254 'boy words'

Those debating whether homosexuals should be scout leaders should take a look at the dictionary to help decide whether or not homosexuals have an inordinate interest in young boys. Or is it really as gay rights leaders say — they just labor in young boys’ best interests.

Let’s look it up and see if pederasts (men who sexually assault boys) comprise just a small cadre within the much larger male homosexual population.

The dictionary I am talking about is not in your local library. There, molester may be the only word “straights” would think of for men who sexually assault boys. No, I am talking about “The Queens’ Vernacular” (QV), which is advertised as, “Everyman’s dictionary to the gay underworld” and the “current language of a very large group of people who are members (part or full-time) of the homosexual community.” In the QV there are 254 words for boys, most of these involve men sexually abusing boys.  (more...)

And a little practice using them...

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