Friday, November 10, 2017

REVEALED: The white supremacists behind alt-right posters around the city

Two groups were photographed on U of T campus last night, and Torontoist has identified several participants.

Last night, two groups of white supremacists were caught on camera putting up “It’s Okay To Be White” posters up around the University of Toronto campus.

The groups included Winston Smith, Devon Huxtable, and the guy that brought the Black Sun Nazi flag to the anti-Trudeau rally at Nathan Phillips Square on October 21. For side-by-side photos, see below.

When they realized they were being photographed, Winston Smith (not his real name) yelled at the photographer, “Faggot!” and “Fucking commie scum.” The photographer tells Torontoist that most of the group quickly covered up their faces and that later they yelled, “Bitch,” and “Cunt,” at another woman who was present.

The posters, reading “It’s okay to be white” in large, sans-serif font are part of a 4chan campaign to “expose the media’s anti-white bias through their reaction to a harmless flyer.” In the 4chan thread, one user posts that “the idea is to hide your fucking powerlevel and insist that it’s just an innocent ‘it’s okay to be white.’ If people start being Nazis and supporting the posters, then liberals can just dismiss it all with dogwhistles and moderates won’t be convinced.”

Here, the user is referring to a strategy the alt-right have adopted after the events of Charlottesville, when it became widely accepted that the alt-right is a racist and white supremacist movement.

‘Hiding your powerlevel’ refers to a strategy of publicly disavowing Nazis and “keep[ing] the long-term goals covert . . . Talking openly about a white ethnostate only leads to failure and the average public turning against you, so disavow anyone who reveals his power level. Leftists will recognize dog whistles and know we’re crypto, but normies won’t listen to them.”  (more...)

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