Saturday, March 4, 2017

Senior Trump Aide Forged Key Ties To Anti-Semitic Groups In Hungary

When photographs recently emerged showing Sebastian Gorka, President Donald Trump’s high-profile deputy assistant, wearing a medal associated with the Nazi collaborationist regime that ruled Hungary during World War II, the controversial security strategist was unapologetic.

“I’m a proud American now and I wear that medal now and again,” Gorka told Breitbart News. Gorka, 46, who was born in Britain to Hungarian parents and is now an American citizen, asked rhetorically, “Why? To remind myself of where I came from, what my parents suffered under both the Nazis and the Communists, and to help me in my work today.”

But an investigation by the Forward into Gorka’s activities from 2002 to 2007, while he was active in Hungarian politics and journalism, found that he had close ties then to Hungarian far-right circles, and has in the past chosen to work with openly racist and anti-Semitic groups and public figures.

Gorka’s involvement with the far right includes co-founding a political party with former prominent members of Jobbik, a political party with a well-known history of anti-Semitism; repeatedly publishing articles in a newspaper known for its anti-Semitic and racist content; and attending events with some of Hungary’s most notorious extreme-right figures.  (more...)

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This situation has a strong component of deja-vu for me in that it mirrors a mileau I experienced in my undergraduate years. I found myself to be a thin piece of meat between two factions -- the Gorkas and the Jewish students -- who debated fiercely about the reality of the Holocaust and the supposed Jewish cabal ruling the world. Very interestingly, it was the closet Nazis who were particularly enthusiastic about population control, materially supporting the foundation of Canada's first abortion clinic, just down the street. Forceps work as well as guns for eugenicists.

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