Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rocco Zito 'had few superiors' in Mafia, retired RCMP investigator says

He lived in a modest home in north Toronto, drove a Chevy Malibu and listed his occupation as a ceramic tile salesman.

But Rocco Zito — who was shot dead Friday in his house — was a violent member of the Mafia with "few superiors," according to an RCMP officer who investigated him.

Zito, 87, was gunned down Friday in his house on Playfair Avenue, located in the Caledonia Road and Lawrence Avenue West neighbourhood. According to police, a number of family members were home at the time of the shooting. Zito's brother-in-law, Domenico Scopelliti, 51, is charged with first-degree murder in Zito's death.

Larry Tronstad is a retired RCMP staff-sergeant who investigated Zito as a member of the Mounties' Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, a team that worked with a handful of police forces to investigate organized crime.  (more...)


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