Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Are dissenters from the mainstream narrative conspiracy theorists and nuts?

It is notable that, before being locked away in Auschwitz, St. Maximilian Kolbe was offered, by his Nazi captors, the opportunity to play ball and turn his newpaper over to the Gestapo for the publication of propaganda. That meeting didn't go well; St. Maximilian was martyred.

Are today's Catholics faced with similar choices today? Are we still in battle with freemasons and their fascistic proxies? Are our encounters with these enemies of the Church gong well? Will we share St. Maximilian's fate? Do we have his courage?

Do we know the topography of the battlefield? Traditional Catholic bloggers -- The Remnant, Rorate Caeli, The Church Militant, Culture Wars et. al. have provided a view from behind the parapets through the eyes of besieged Catholics. Can intelligence be gathered from above and within the enemy camp? Conspiracy Archive is the best attempt that I have discovered. Although not ostensibly Catholic, the website contains much that is pertinent to the contemporary Catholic Church -- the P2 lodge, Italian and Islamo-fascism, the cult of intelligence, the ruling oligarchy, neoconservatism, freemasonry, organized crime, and geopolitics -- things that won't make you popular in your parish or chancery.

Feeling ostracized? Come hang out here with us.

Conspiracy Archive

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