Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ex-deputy director of MI6 is named by MP as 'key' figure who 'manipulated' Westminster VIP paedophile ring

Labour MP John Mann, pictured, said the late
George Kennedy Young was involved in
'dubious' activities
A former deputy director of MI6 is 'key' to allegations surrounding a VIP paedophile ring in Westminster, a minister has claimed.

Labour MP John Mann said the late George Kennedy Young, known as GK Young, was involved in 'dubious' political activity, including establishing a 'private army'.

He added Mr Young, who later became involved in right wing politics, was a 'manipulator' who controlled groups of people within which there were paedophile rings in the 1970s or 1980s.

Mr Mann, MP for Bassetlaw, claimed he had been handed a copy of the dossier of evidence that was given by Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens to then Home Secretary Leon Brittan in 1984.

The so-called 'Dickens dossier' named several prominent paedophiles. An independent review into the Home Office's handling of child abuse allegations failed to locate a copy of the documents.  (more...)

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