Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bad teachers: Ontario's secret list -- an update

Here are some of the people licensed in Ontario to teach your children.

A teacher who disciplined students by warning they would “spend time with a pedophile” and if the behaviour got worse it “would be without vaseline.”

A high school teacher whose female students said he called them “sluts,” “pole dancers,” “whore” and commented that tongue studs were for “oral sex.”

A teacher who shut Grade 8 students in a storage cupboard to discipline them.

A teacher who repeatedly took photos of Grade 8 girls with his cellphone.

A drunk teacher who sexually assaulted a store clerk.

A teacher who stole money students deposited with her for school trips to Europe.

A teacher who scared female Grade 6 students by drawing pictures depicting one girl’s death and tacking them to her dormitory window during a three-day outdoor education trip.

A principal and vice-principal who did not report a child’s allegations of sexual abuse, as required by law.

A gym teacher who frequently came late to school, smelled of booze and fell asleep in class.  (more...)

H/T to Society for Quality Education

Update: This is a rat-hole that goes incredibly deep. I now want to draw the reader's attention to the last paragraphs of this Toronto Star story:
One teacher the College did identify was a teacher whose only crime was to break their secrecy rules. 
James Black, a teacher and former discipline committee member, was publicly named by the College and suspended for two years because the College suspected he leaked information to the media. 
The committee suspected (but could not prove) that Black gave information to a CTV reporter in 2006 who was probing the College’s practice of allowing teachers convicted of sex crimes to be reinstated after their licence was revoked. The College claims Black leaked information to CTV News about a teacher convicted of sexual exploitation in 1990, who was jailed 15 months and later sought reinstatement. 
In 2009, the committee fined its former member, Black, $1,000, and suspended him for two years. 
The College ruled that Black was guilty of a serious “breach of confidentiality” which “may have damaged the professional image of the College and its members. The need for a strong general deterrent is imperative in this matter.” 
Black, reached by the Star, said he could not comment on his case. 
The teacher in the case that led to Black’s suspension, Rodney Palmer, was suspended in 1991 and reinstated in 2003 in a closed-door hearing. He taught for a time east of Toronto, then retired.
The bad faith exhibited by the Ontario College of Teachers beggars belief. Read through the file on Jim Black's case at Canadians for Accountability:

As if this doesn't nauseate sufficiently, here's Blacks's chief executioner:


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