Thursday, April 5, 2018

McGill mishandled complaints against profs of sexual violence: SSMU

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Leaders in the Student Society of McGill University called for an investigation into how the university handles allegations against professors of sexual violence, saying administrators have not acted despite repeated complaints against some faculty.

In an open letter sent to Principal Suzanne Fortier, Provost Christopher Manfredi and Dean of Students Chris Buddle on Wednesday, SSMU’s president and five vice-presidents alleged several professors in the Faculty of Arts have been sexually violent against students.

“These professors continue to teach and to supervise, in some cases teaching mandatory first year courses, leaving vulnerable the students who have not yet been warned about the predatory behaviours of certain professors,” they said. “It has also been the case that student representatives over this past year have brought up these concerns multiple times to many different members of administration. It was clear that the majority of the administration who were met with knew which professors students are concerned about. And despite our expressing anxiety over the safety and wellbeing of a particular student in one case - no action was taken.”  (more...)

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