Saturday, July 8, 2017

Blowback: Sikh Freikorps and Mass Murder in Canada

A CSIS mole in every closet -- ironic, isn't it?
A mystery? Perhaps some insight can be gained from considering who trained these terrorists:

The Freikorps is a term for an underground paramility created by the security state to carry out acts not authorized by democratic institutions, and to insert military operatives into civilian life in order to subvert it. Given that the Western powers folded Nazi personnel and tactics into their military and industrial organizations following the war, is it surprising that Freikorps became standard operating procedure for the subsequent Cold War? The term for the consequences for this lawless and ungoverned practice is "Blowback".

Squeaky-clean Canada could never countenance such criminality. Or could it?

Happiness is a warm gun... or a hot bimbo.

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