Wednesday, June 7, 2017

'Finally, it feels like closure': YRDSB officially apologizes for racial slur against parent Charline Grant

It was an apology that was seven months in the making.

Charline Grant was sitting in the front row with her family Tuesday evening during a meeting of the York Region District School Board in Newmarket when interim director of education Kathi Wallace turned to her and read a prepared statement.

"The board apologizes to Charline Grant personally and to her family for this failure." Wallace said.

The failure Wallace referred to was the use of a racial slur directed at Grant by one of the board's former trustees last November.

The apology was part of an mediated settlement that was reached after Grant launched a Human Rights Tribunal application against the board. Grant specifically took issue with Nancy Elgie, who was overheard using the N-word when referring to Grant at a school board meeting. Elgie resigned from the board in February as a result.  (more...)

Small victory but, the war not over. Closet Nazis bide their time.

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