Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Europe Far-Right 'Lone Wolf' Terrorists Kill Most: Report

A supporter of the Jobbik party attends a rally in Budapest.
“Right-wing extremists represent a substantial aspect of the lone-actor threat and must not be overlooked," said the report.

Despite a mainstream media narrative that focuses on the threat of Islamic terrorism, right-wing “lone wolf” extremists are to blame for more killings and injuries in Europe than other lone extremists, including Islamic terrorists, according to a London-based think tank report formally launched Wednesday.

According to the research by the Royal United Services Institute analyzing 120 lone-actor cases across Europe from the beginning of 2000 to the end of 2014, right-wing extremists were behind attacks that caused 260 injuries and 94 deaths.

In the same period, “religiously-inspired attacks” resulted in 65 people being injured and 16 killed. It was not clear from the report which religions were included in this category.

Right-wing lone-actor extremists killed over five times as many people as religiously-motivated lone wolf attackers in terror incidents across Europe, according to the report.

“These findings have clear implications for policy-makers and practitioners,” read the report. “Right-wing extremists represent a substantial aspect of the lone-actor threat and must not be overlooked.”  (more...)


A particularly disturbing aspect of European terrorism is that grassroots organizations had been infiltrated and corrupted by extremist actors directed by the security services. It would be very advisable that all conservative organizations, including pro-life-ists, scrutinize their leadership very carefully. Where did they come from? What is their history? Do they harbour any hidden agendas?

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