Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Homeschooling, Co-op, and Private School Enabler for Parents

Many readers of my blog have come here from the community of parents who are considering or have made the transition to homeschooling or community co-operative schooling or have started up small private schools to offer alternatives to the union-controlled government-implemented education monopoly. These parents have had to be creative in discovering and re-alocating finances, resources, and time in order to realize their goals.

Firstly, among the additional resources needed in parents' educational endeavors may be internet bandwidth and useage, TV services, gas and electricity, security automation, and payment processing. Retail rates charged by major suppliers may be a burden to already-frugal budgets. Secondly, one spouse may need to forgo a regular job in order to devote the time necessary to homeschool.

What if there were a source for commonly used essential services that flexibly bundles these services and buys long-term contracts from the orginating producers that can provide price stability to end-users?

And, amazingly, what if you, the homeschooling parent, can become an independent business owner selling these services in your community, earning residual income from the comfort of your home part-time? What if you could replace the income lost when you sacrificed your job?

I am an Independent Business Owner looking for customers and recruits in the homeschooling community. You can explore my online storefront here:

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