Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Far-Right Group Plotted To Attack Muslims, Politicians: German Prosecutors

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BERLIN (Reuters) - German federal prosecutors won a court order to detain 12 men arrested on suspicion of involvement in a far-right plot to overthrow the political order by means of targeted attacks.

The men were arrested on Friday, four on suspicion of forming a right-wing terrorist organization last September and the rest of offering them financial support.

They were planning to stage attacks on politicians, asylum seekers and Muslims, and a federal court judge ordered them detained pending further investigations on Saturday, prosecutors said.

Popular support for far-right groups is growing in Germany, notably in the country’s former Communist east, as part of a polarization at both ends of the political spectrum that is undermining the mainstream establishment that been in government since World War Two.

The men, aged between 20 and 50, named their group ‘Derharte Kern’ (The Hard Core), the Welt am Sonntag newspaper reported on Sunday, saying they had been arrested in six different states.  (more...)


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