Thursday, October 27, 2022

Who is pushing Canada to go on war footing?


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Militarists, warmongers and arms dealers are riding a wave of momentum and they’re organizing to profit as much as possible.

Yesterday the Canadian Global Affairs Institute (CGAI) hosted a conference titled “Putting Canadian Defence Procurement on a War Footing”. The military put up $50,000 for the conference and likely spent tens of thousands of dollars more to cover delegates registration fees ($300) and travel costs. The sponsors list suggests arms manufacturers are contributing even more to the conference.

CGAI’s conference seeks to help industry and DND hash out logistical and contractual issues to ramping up arms production. It also seeks to build political momentum on a theme raised by the Chief of the Defence Staff four months ago. At the time Wayne Eyre declared, “given the deteriorating world situation, we need the defence industry to go into a wartime footing and increase their production lines to be able to support the requirements that are out there, whether it’s ammunition, artillery, rockets … you name it.”

The Canadian Forces want to replenish the stock of weapons they’ve sent to Ukraine and to increase arms deliveries for their proxy war with Russia. Preparing for conflict with China is the other aim of putting industry on “war footing”. Three weeks ago Eyre said China and Russia considered themselves at war with the West and a week ago he added that those two nations will increasingly challenge Canada’s “tenuous hold” over its territory in the Arctic.  (more...)

Who is pushing Canada to go on war footing?

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