Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Time to destroy the mythology of Bonapartism


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Why is it not only necessary, but mandatory, to call your attention to the historical case of Napoleon Bonaparte?

First, because the British-French "Entente Cordiale" is, today, the main threat to world history, and my purpose is to show you how it grew out of the ashes of the French nation-state, Louis Xl' s nation-state, the first nation-state ever. And it is Napoleon who burned the French state to ashes, and his degenerate brothers and descendants, his famiglia, who sold whatever they had to the British. If you want to understand the process of the Entente Cordiale, you have to understand the rise and fall of Napoleon. If you don't get angry about what happened, about what went wrong, in the past, you are not going to intervene into the present.

Second, and more broadly, there is, at present, a move to re-establish the empire concept, moving from hard geopolitics to soft, nostalgia ridden soap operas, and to destroy the nation state, in particular the last and weakened nation state, the United States of America. Napoleon, in his time, accomplished a similar type of destruction; therefore, we have to learn the lesson of how and why it happened.

Let's look back at the period of 1770- 1780s: It was a time of hope. The system of oligarchism was going to come to an end. The American Revolution was won, the "Big One," the French Revolution, was in the works, and there was a worldwide network of republicans, actively coordinating their plans, from the United States, to France, to Russia, to Ireland, to Prussia, to India - the emergence of a new, more just axiomatic order, from Tippoo Sahib to Washington to the circles of Lafayette in France. Nevertheless, this great humanist design, as a universal one, failed.

Why? Why? Because things that too many of us brush aside, for pragmatic reasons, are precisely what bring doom upon us and determine history. Look at the Ibero-American generals, look at General Lebed, even Charles de Gaulle: all admirers of Napoleon, all admiring what is against the best part of them, a fake grandeur which is the opposite of real grandeur.

Why? Why? Why did French republicans allow insane Jacobins to run the French Revolution, and then Napoleon to take over as Emperor? Why, today, is the United States allied with the British and French governments, the which are the worst enemies of the United States?  (more...)

Time to destroy the mythology of Bonapartism

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